Other Services

Austbrokers Trade Credit has developed a range of trade credit services for their clients to complement trade credit insurance.

We offer a flexible service to ensure you get full value from your Trade Credit Insurance policy. Unlike other forms of insurance Austbrokers Trade Credit  is interactive; you can’t file it in your draw for 12 months and only consider it at renewal. We help you to comply with credit granting under the discretionary limit, turnover declerations and with overdue reporting.

Debt collection
Insurance is important but at the end of the day it is still your money. The most effective way to preserve the value of your trade debts is prompt collection action. Many agencies squander valuable time by fruitlessly talking to debtors and getting empty promises to pay; meanwhile the debtor is often secreting assets or paying other creditors in preference to you. Firm decisive and professional action is required. Trade Credit Austbrokers will refer you to the best collection agencies.

Claims service
We pride ourselves in submitting accurate and complete claims for our clients and liaising with the Insurer to ensure timely payment. In the rare occasion of dispute, we are a vigorous advocate for you.

Credit Reporting/Ledger Cleaning
With Trade Credit Austbrokers you can be confident:

“Know thy debtor” – correctly identifying your debtor is essential – let Austbrokers Trade Credit help you
Typically most ledgers have a high rate of incorrect or incomplete debtor identities. Dealing with the correct legal entity greatly improves your chance of enforcing you contract and getting payment. It also is essential so you can rank for dividend in the event of insolvency and/or claim form the Insurer. We can arrange a review your ledger for a small fee.

Advice of significant changes
We can provide you with early warning signs on identified debtors on a proactive basis. Changes or adverse events involving one of your debtors will be notified to you as soon as we are aware of the facts. Wouldn't it be valuable to know if there was a change in your debtors' credit profile or if they have overdue debts elsewhere?

Monitoring and review of Credit Limits
Even if you already set credit limits for your customers, on what basis are these limits set and how often are they reviewed? Our experienced analysts draw on an extensive range of data and will provide you with thorough advice on your credit limits.

Customer profiles
Our reports are not "off-the-shelf" information, instead we offer personalised, current and accurate mercantile reports without the padding.

Practical advice
We can arrange advice for you regarding issues such as effective Retention of Title, Directors Guarantees, Security or payment terms. We can also arrange a review your Credit Management Procedures Manual.

Austbrokers Trade Credit Pty Ltd ABN 42 089 012 037 is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Austbrokers Sydney Pty Ltd ABN 14 061 968 090 AFSL 244244